Here’s another marketing mistake, this time in the email marketing department.

This is a screen shot of an actual email I received this morning.  This needs no further explanation – the lesson is simply to ALWAYS send a test message before sending the mail out to your entire list.

email marketing failure example - email marketing mistake

As you can probably read from the last full paragraph, it’s a sales message intended to get you to open your wallet, pull out your credit card, and buy tickets to an event.  Even though it says you can save $5 by registering now, how likely would you be to even bother clicking on that link?

Not only this, but the same company sent me FOUR separate emails that very same morning – each one different.  But four in one morning? That is far too many for an impersonal email. One was content, the other three were pitches for an event or for something else.  How fast would you click the Unsubscribe link?

Technically, you could read the email by looking very carefully, or by highlighting each line with your cursor, but who would take the time to go through all that trouble?  You need to make sure that, every step of the way, you make it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you.  Whether that’s reading an email newsletter, making a purchase, or being able to refer a friend, it’s ALWAYS in your best interest to make it easy.

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